Customers at our Heart

We’re very proud to serve the 23 million customers who travel with us every year. They’re at the heart of our business. We are making sure sure that each part of our business is delivering more for our customers during the most important weeks of their year.

We will be offering all our customers a personalised, innovative travel experience – and a service that they can trust completely. At the core of our strategy, is the desire to deliver a personalised approach, that ensures we’re there for our customers whenever, wherever and however they want to connect with us.

Harnessing the power of technology will be vital in improving our customers’ experience, making it easier for them to select their destination, book their holiday, get information, ask questions, share photos and engage with us at every point of the journey. Of course, just as important is the innovative nature of the products we offer. And, when it comes to superb customer service, the human touch from everyone from our Travel Consultants to our Cabin Crew and Reps is irreplaceable.

In short, everything we do is about delivering inspiring personal journeys to every one of our customers, as the trusted pioneer in global travel.