A sophisticated online market

Travel is at the forefront of digital marketing. It’s one of the biggest – and arguably the most sophisticated  – online market. A major part of our transformation programme here at Thomas Cook involves repositioning ourselves at the forefront of e-Commerce in the forward-looking travel sector.

But the pace of change isn’t the only reason this is an excellent place to hone your skills and learn fast. The scope of our remit here in the Merchandising department, you’ll be involved in the whole e-Commerce picture, working on everything from page design to SEO and agile development. You’ll help bring one of the oldest companies in the UK to the forefront of the e-Commerce industry. And develop your career and your skills immeasurably in the process.

We’re responsible for driving the performance of transactional sales across a wide range of different websites and brands. It’s by no means a case of one size fits all, so you’ll have the autonomy to drive through your ideas, whether you’re delivering sales forecasts and action plans or driving promotions.

About you

We’re looking for people who are data driven – acting on hard evidence, not gut instinct. At the same time, the creative flair to spot trends in the market – and then come up with merchandising solutions that will make more of sales week on week, is also crucial. It’s fast-paced and frenetic here. There’s a constant drive for change. So you have to react quickly, and be happy to accept that projects will be constantly evolving.

Change is a constant

There’s a lot happening in merchandising right now. The amalgamation of a number of our brands last year resulted in big online changes. More recently, we’ve changed our CMS from APG to Magnolia, which is allowing us to put in place many more efficient processes – in particular, automated updates of pricing information. Whether we’re developing innovative new ways to personalise website content for users, or helping to optimize our SEO performance, we’re always looking at new ways to improve sales across our sites.

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