Site Management

The autonomy to drive change

It’s our job to create a road map for our UK sites, ensuring we’re developing the right infrastructure for our business growth, and making the customer journey easier every step of the way. We bring together site optimisation, web analytics, customer services, web management and web development to identify areas for improvement, test different designs and, ultimately, optimise conversion rates and sales.

You get real control and autonomy here. You can move quickly, and you’re empowered to make decisions. It’s a fascinating and complex challenge, because of the range of brands and huge number of products you’ll be working with, including flights, hotels and resorts all across the globe.

About you

There’s a fast, relentless pace of change here. It means you’ll have to meet high expectations – but also that you’ll have lots of opportunity to drive change and be creative. So you need to be passionate, hungry and open-minded, accepting that change is a constant here at Thomas Cook.

You’ll also need a very strong commercial sense. You understand what sells, and you can translate that knowledge into innovative web designs.

We’re at the heart of the transformation

When Thomas Cook was consolidating its many brands and offerings in 2013, we played a key role in the replatforming. We had to reduce the number of sites from 17 to 3, whilst at the same time enhancing performance – a challenge that we rose to very successfully.

Currently, we’re working on a single search package. We want to make sure that our customers have lots of relevant options to choose from arising out of a single search. So rather than just offering a single package deal, we’ll offer a range of options, including separate accommodation and flights, to really give the customer a bespoke offer. It’s just one example of our creative thinking.

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