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Start an e-Commerce revolution

Our expert Technology Team takes responsibility for a portfolio of websites across Europe. We tackle challenges from developing an incredible SaaS cross channel solution to taking care of the smallest details that make the final user experience a successful one. Our growing team is always focused on creating a product that stands out and speaks for itself.

About you

Here at Thomas Cook we believe the best is yet to come. What’s current is already old and we’re always trying to find better solutions for what we already have.

If you consider yourself an out-of-the-box thinker, a one of a kind technology guru or are driven by a passion for technology and its ever-developing spectrum; it’s you we’re looking for!

This is your chance to be at the heart of our transformation, the shaper of our future or the great thinker that moves us forward; if you are ready for the challenge, let’s go.

Innovative thinkers

Your ideas deserve to be heard. We are here to listen to them and make them happen.

One of the members of our family had a big idea. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if customers could build their holidays up bit by bit, using a product that allowed them to store ideas, returning again and again, refining and changing their plans, until they’d created the perfect break? It would be a product that could capture dream holidays!’

This idea was put to the board. Guess what. They loved it. Now Harriet Green is rolling it out. We made The Dream Capture project happen and that’s just one example of the way we use our innovative thinkers and their creativity to boost our business.

Here at Thomas Cook we will help you to amaze us. Impress us by showing how much you already know and how much potential you have. We would love to hear your great ideas and make them happen.

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