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Travel is an exciting industry to be part of. And nowhere more so than at Thomas Cook. Here are just a few reasons why we’re the company to be with right now.

Be part of your customers’ family

We have some of the most loyal customers in this, or any, business. People – in fact, whole families – come back year after year to book their holidays with us. Which means when you join us in retail, you’ll have the chance to really get to know them. It’s a good feeling.

Help people plan the best weeks of their year

If you’ve got great customer service skills and you’re brilliant at building up a rapport with people, why not work in travel? The products are exciting and interesting. You’re dealing with customers when they’re planning the best weeks of their year.

Travel more

And you’ll get to travel more yourself. You’ll get the chance to go on heavily discounted holidays. Furthermore, our training ‘educationals’ will allow you to sample some of the products you are selling for free, as there’s no better way to sell a holiday than to be able to describe it first-hand.

We’re right on your doorstep

We have nearly 800 stores around the country. And we’re really committed to our retail chain. In fact, we’ve just refurbished over 250 of them – as well as creating Concept stores full of all the latest touch screen technology to help you explain our great holidays. You’ll be part of a thriving global company – in a job that’s right near you.

Develop faster

We’ll give you amazing training in everything from sales to customer service. And the sheer number of our outlets and size of our company means there will be lots of career development opportunities in-store and beyond.

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